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Help with Home Value

This Free report will demystify what your property might be worth.

Thinking of Listing? When engaging an Agent to obtain a Market Appraisal sometimes unscrupulous agents might suggest a higher price just so that you will list with them or to try to convince you to list your house on the market too early, costing you unnecessary marketing and painstaking time preparing for inspections. This report will help you give you the information for you to determine your property value.

Currently Listed? Some Agents sell property by lowering the Sellers price whilst the good ones sell property by increasing the buyers price. If your agent keeps asking you to reduce your price how do you know that is reasonable? This report will show you the full market, something which your Agent should have already done, so you can decide if the latest price reduction request is reasonable.

Checking Your Equity. Want to purchase an investment property, release equity from your home, wonder how much you should insure for? The report will give you an idea of what you might sell your property for. This is usually different from a bank valuation or insurance valuation, however is a good starting point to help you decide if it’s worth your while applying.

This report will allow you to make your own decisions on your potential value by comparing actual sales around you, and will help you sniff out any agents trying to buy your listing. The report provided to you is a desktop analysis, so there is no need for us to inspect your property, we will assess recent sales around you and give these to you for your own analysis.

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